Otaku is a bathtub made of pressed woven veneer sheet. A process which was inspired by traditional boat building techniques and is based on nowadays manufacturing technologies. This project emphasizes on a 'micro-cosmos' of relations between sailing and bathing - as states of mind, and between the boat and the bathtub as functional entities. This concept formulates an almost paradoxical analogy, from-which the 'inside-out' theory had emerged; the concept of washing in a bathtub is completely the opposite from the concept of floating in a boat - in all senses, the inside becomes the outside. Hence, the 'outside' of the boat became the 'inside' of the bath.
concept // As part of my research, I was exploring the topic of hygiene and time perception (see project). during this stage I have revealed a relationship between the bathroom environment and the bathtub in particular. I have found that here is a unique analogy between the state of sitting on boat in the ocean, and resting in a bathtub; we can simply imagine the bathtub as if it was a boat ‘inside-out’, which literally means that the inside becomes the outside - the water are inside the boat whereas the structure is outside. Following the concept development, I started defining a way in which the narrative could come into life as an object. the answer was quick to come - a bathtub inspired by boat making techniques. Using knowledge of craft traditions and existing technology, I strove to express the 'inside-out' theory by importing the language of materials, functionality and aesthetics of Asian traditions into a modern-industrial context.
woven bamboo coracles // made in Vietnam // The Vietnamese basket boat is a remarkable vessel, due to its simplicity and beauty. the great amounts of honesty and poetry existing in those floating baskets have inspired me to design a new bathtub concept. These vessels are made using interwoven bamboo and waterproofed by using resin and coconut oil. the boat, that is likely to catch the eye soonest when first reaching the Vietnamese coast, is no more nor less than a round bamboo basket coated with tar or varnish to waterproof it. they vary in size from a one-man boat to those big enough to carry several men and their fishing gear and catch as well. some are simply stunning surf boats working off exposed beaches through daunting breakers. their construction and utility is remarkable: a simple and elegant solution to a number of problems.
design approach // in order to develop the right design for the bathtub it was necessary to formulate a DNA which would later become the visual identity of the product. one method to do so is building a narrative which derives its elements from the metaphoric world. the bathtub resembled to me a cherry on the top. an ice tip of a mountain. a diamond on a ring. the bathtub exists as a spiritual essence which is connected to gravity by a logical construction.
design // the wire frame, produced out of thin metal profiles,creates an iconic shape which is light, yet strong. the resulted silhouette poetically refers to the fundamental part of the production process and closes a circle by telling the whole narrative - from the actual production to the final outcome.
technical drawings //
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